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HTML Website Building Workshop

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CodeHERS hosted an HTML Website building workshop in which students were gently introduced to programming, learning how to build a website from scratch and understanding basic HTML syntax.  With the use of notepad++ we were able to all create our own websites, ranging from a personal website to a blog.

Raspberry Pi Workshop

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In this Raspberry Pi Workshop, students were introduced to what a Raspberry Pi is and how it functions.  By discussing and playing with some we got to know it better.  Students were able to understand how useful it is in engineering and that it's actually the most basic computer.

CodeHERS Events 

Women in Engineering Panel



CodeHERS Panel Hanna.PNG

Hanna Mofid

CodeHERS Panel Jasmine.PNG

Jasmine Bayrooti

CodeHERS Panel Mayee.PNG

Mayee Chen

CodeHERS Panel Pic1.png

CodeHERS hosted it's very own Women in Engineering Panel through Zoom, in which Stanford engineering students (varying from undergraduate to PhD) and women engineers with experience at top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft were panelists. This virtual event was open to all, and attendees included Kode With Klossy Scholars, CodeHERS Members, and students in the community. This event was publicized through Kode With Klossy and the Society of Women Engineers of the University of Rochester and Stanford. Panelists were able to share advice on being a woman engineer, what inspired them to become engineers, what it's like working in a big tech company or startup, and overall knowledge they have gathered through working in tech industry and attending University for engineering. In addition, the attendees participated in a Q & A session at the end and asked panelists candid questions about CS, University, and tips on how to thrive as a woman in STEM.

CodeHERS Panel Nikka.PNG

Nikka Mofid

CodeHERS Panel Pic2.png

 Full CodeHERS Women in Engineering Panel Event Video Below:

Java Programming 101 Workshop


In our CodeHERS Java 101 Workshop, students learned Java Programming basics, which included being familiarized with the types of variables (primitive vs. reference) along with methods to define them, the syntax and logic of loops (both while and for loops), and practiced implementing a basic calculator code in order to implement these new concepts! This workshop equipped students with key foundational programming knowledge, which is necessary regardless of the programming language being used. With a strong base, students will be able to have an easier time making connections when it comes to abstract data structures and more advanced algorithms. 

CodeHERS & Stanford University Graduate Society of Women Engineers Present: Exploring Engineering Panel


Stanford Panelists (1).PNG

Top left: Mckayla Hoskin

McKayla is a Masters student at Stanford studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. She graduated in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics.

Top Right: Nikka Mofid

Nikka Mofid is a second-year Masters student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford focusing in Machine Learning. She has interned at Microsoft, Amazon, and Northrop Grumman on various machine learning and cloud systems teams and will be interning at Nvidia and Adobe AI in the upcoming Spring/Summer.

Bottom Right: Grace Lam

Grace is currently a Master's student in Computer Science with a focus in AI at Stanford University. She recently graduated from MIT last spring with a Bachelors in Computer Science. She's done software and machine learning internships at Google, Apple, and Yahoo, and has done research in medical vision and Natural Language Processing during her undergrad.

Bottom Left: Julianne Igbokwe

Julianne is a Masters student in Aerospace engineering at Stanford who is interested in human missions to Mars. Before Stanford she double majored in mechanical engineering and physics at Carnegie Mellon University. While at Carnegie Mellon she did summer internships at ExxonMobil and Northrop Grumman.

snip2 (1).PNG

Bottom Center: Hanna Mofid

Moderator (CodeHERS founder)

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CodeHERS co-hosted an Exploring Engineering Panel with the Stanford University Graduate Society of Women Engineers!! The panel featured Stanford Graduate Society of Women Engineers members who are currently majoring in various branches of engineering, including biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineers along with computer science. Our panelists discussed their experiences studying engineering in University, how they have navigated being women in engineering and taking on the gender gap in STEM, offered advice and tips on thriving as an engineer, and shared the organizations/projects that allowed them to secure jobs at top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, along with new startups. We are so happy that we were able to provide valuable advice and answer all your amazing questions!! A big thank you to Stanford GradSWE for cohosting this panel with us and sharing your knowledge🌟 Our event was able to reach so many students across the county and country, ranging from grades 7 to University level! Shoutout to all the Kode with Klossy members, CDM students, Chapman University students, and Lynbrook HS students who attended!!

Here is the full Video Recording of our Exploring Engineering Panel with the Stanford Graduate Society of Women Engineers:

The beginning of our Panel event is not shown in the video recording, as well as a few introductory and ending questions.

Also, there is some empty black space in the video because a lot of attendees' cameras were off and did not have a cover photo/icon!

CodeHERS & UCLA Society of Women Engineers: Exploring Engineering Panel


UCLA SWE & CodeHERS Panelists.PNG

Top Left: Annie Zhao

Annie is a 3rd year Materials Engineering major and the President of Society of Women Engineers at UCLA. Previously she has done research in chemistry at NYU and research in mechanical engineering at Rutgers University. She also interned at PPG which makes paint coatings for automotive and aerospace applications, and next summer she will be interning at Medtronic which is a top medical device company. 

Top Left (Cont.): Allison Chen

Allison is from Chicago, Illinois and currently is a third year computer science major with a cognitive science minor at UCLA. She's the recipient of the UCLA Women in Engineering Scholarship and the SWE LA Scholarship. She is interested in impactful applications of machine learning research and plans on pursuing graduate school after her undergrad. Allison also has experience doing research in the UCLA Creative Lab. 

Top Right: Hanna Mofid, Moderator and CodeHERS Founder

Bottom Left: Christine Yang

Christine is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. She is an undergraduate researcher at a neuroscience lab at UCLA and an intern at Dow Agriscience doing R&D/maintenance and reliability during her gap year from school. 

Bottom Right: Perla Pineda-Leon:
Perla is a 3rd year Civil and Environmental Engineering major at UCLA. She is currently part of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge research program where she works with Professor Eric Hoek on research related to water quality. Perla is a first-generation college student from Watsonville, California and loves watching and re-watching marvel movies.

UCLA SWE & CodeHERS Panel Pic1.PNG
UCLA SWE & CodeHERS Panel Pic2.PNG

CodeHERS and the UCLA Society of Women Engineers hosted a virtual Exploring Engineering Panel! The event was open to ALL students, including high school, middle school, and University students. The panel featured UCLA Society of Women Engineers members who are currently majoring in various branches of engineering, including mechanical, civil, aerospace, environmental, and computer science. Our panelists discussed their experiences studying engineering at UCLA, shared advice on handling the gender gap in STEM and getting your voice heard as a female engineer, shared how to be successful and stay motivated in the difficult field of engineering, and shared the organizations/projects that allowed them to secure internships and do research in areas like Machine Learning, sustainability, and material synthesis with UCLA Creative Labs, UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, and even the NYU Dept. of Chemistry. 


We had such an amazing turn out and reached students from across the community! CodeHERS loved working with the UCLA Society of Women Engineers, and would like to give a BIG thank you to them for co-hosting this amazing event!! We are so excited that we were able to answer so many of the audience’s questions about UCLA and engineering in general, and that our attendees were able to gain valuable knowledge from our Panel event!

Full Panel Recording:

Note: There is some empty black space in the video because a lot of attendees' cameras were off and did not have a cover photo/icon!

More Coming soon...

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