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CodeHERS Featured on Women in Tech Podcast

CodeHERS was featured in the Women in Tech Podcast hosted by Espree Devora.  Hanna Mofid, CodeHERS founder, was able to introduce CodeHERS and our mission and give a testimony on another tech podcast called Command Line Heroes.  Both the Women in Tech podcast and Command Line Heroes Podcast aim to empower anyone in tech.  CodeHERS is honored to have been included in such an amazing podcast that shares a common goal with our mission. Go check both podcasts out!

Here is the link to the overview and episode CodeHERS is featured on!  The page includes our Instagram as well! All other Women in Tech Podcast episodes can be accessed here too.

The Women in Tech Podcast is breaking barriers; giving women engineers, designers, and innovators a platform where they can share their story and journey of how they got where they are in life/career! Not only is the podcast educational, but it also very inspiring... listening to all the various women, who come from all different backgrounds and lifestyles, with a common passion for tech! It is very well known that when people think 'engineer or software engineer or computer science', they think "man". Well, the Women in Tech Podcast is actively working to change that societal norm, and so is CodeHERS! As an aspiring female engineer, I definitely recommend listening to this amazing podcast and love that CodeHERS was able to be featured! :)

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