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My Experience Attending the 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit!

Below are some of the amazing speakers we had the opportunity to see live!

In addition to hearing many famous CEOs, political figures, and famous actors speak, attendees were able to go to various workshops throughout the summit! In these workshops, topics like female empowerment, STEM activism, destigmatizing the idea of mental health, combatting gender based violence, importance of allyship in the fight for gender equality were all discussed and we got to hear from accredited experts on those subjects!

The Girl Up Leadership Summit has been held in person for the past couple years, however, due to the pandemic, it was held virtually this year. Even under those circumstances, I learned so much and was able to listen to so many powerful women give their perspective on very prevalent topics like female empowerment, racial injustice, breaking gender norms, and being a leader during these uncertain times. In addition to the keynote speakers, as I previously mentioned, I was able to attend some very informative workshops that go more into depth on how to begin the social change we have all been talking about, along with others about the topics I listed in the previous caption above! Overall, this was such a unique experience and I feel that Girl Up was able to really make the most of the situation, and in the end, hosting a very beneficial event to all girls. Coming out of the Girl Up 2020 Summit, I felt empowered, inspired, motivated, curious, and ready to create/invent! CodeHERS will definitely be planning on attending the 2021 conference together! It's really just conferences and events like these that r keep lighting that spark of passion and creativity in all girls. CodeHERS fully supports and will persist in advocating for the female voice, breaking one gender norm at a time, whilst becoming the best female engineers we can be! 

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