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Founder, Hanna Mofid, Chosen as a Kode With Klossy Scholar 2020!

Cool fact: That's me (Hanna Mofid) on Karlie Kloss's Instagram! :) I am actually on the very right column in the third row! It was so awesome to be featured in a picture with Karlie and be on her Insta! You can check out the exact post on Karlie's Insta by clicking the link here:

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be a Kode With Klossy Scholar 2020! It was such a great experience and I am so grateful to have been chosen as a scholar! Being around and working with other girls just as interested in STEM as I am was so inspiring, and I truly feel I have made some lifelong friendships and connections through this program. The overall environment in our Kode With Klossy camp was so encouraging and positive, it really felt like one big happy family :) At the same time, I learned so much in just 2 short weeks!! I was able to strengthen my HTML website building and designing skills, now having the ability to add more custom features to websites I create from scratch. Also, I definitely see an improvement in my front-end and back-end development skills from all the practice codes/projects we did during and outside of camp hours! Seeing and practicing how HTML, CSS, and Javascript come together to build a very high quality website was very educational and I feel like I really understand just how complex websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter really are! In addition to learning and practicing our WebDev skills, as scholars, we were able to attend many different speaker series (some included Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon!), attend different panels with powerful women in STEM, and meet/get Karlie Kloss's insight on tech! As a whole, this program's mission and goal completely aligns with CodeHERS' mission. Both of these organizations strive to encourage girls to explore what the STEM field has to offer while lifting each other up! All in all, I had sooo much fun as a Kode With Klossy Scholar 2020 and loved this whole experience...I feel even more motivated to keep dreaming big with my STEM goals and more excited to innovate and use my skills to incite social change! 

The iconic Ashton Kutcher was one of the speakers in the speaker series!

Actually, not only is Ashton a famous actor, but he is an angel investor and a founding partner of A-Grade Investments and Sound Ventures! He has been investing in tech for about a decade now!! The company's investment portfolio includes company's like Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, and Robinhood. It was amazing to hear his perspective on how he chooses companies to invest in, his nonprofit THORN which aids in preventing child trafficking, how he started investing in tech, and also cancel culture!

Also, above is Karlie Kloss, the queen herself. She is the founder of Kode With Klossy and has been an advocate for teaching girls how to use their coding skills to make a social impact! If you didn't know, she is also a very successful supermodel and activist!

Below is just a small snippet of some HTML we learned and also a schedule of content that we went over!

From this experience, I plan to directly share all the skills and knowledge I gained, with CodeHERS. Whether it is through hosting another more advanced HTML website building workshop, or a CSS 101 workshop, CodeHERS will be able to grow and learn from the insight I gained at camp. Part of the my motivation to participate in Kode With Klossy was to make connections and learn more to bring back to CodeHERS! More workshops and events are in the works, highlighting what I learned from KWK, so stay tuned for exciting things coming! 

Overall, I highly recommend the KWK program to any girl interested or passionate about STEM! Definitely something I will never forget!

A Quick Look at my Final Project in KWK!

Here is a peak at the home page of Tech Talk, the website my team and I coded for our final project! TechTalk, a website designed to help the elderly find resources on how to get online during the pandemic. The site thoroughly explains and outlines how to use their smartphones, both Apple and Android, along with basics to navigate a website, or connect to Wifi/Bluetooth! Seeing as everything is so much more virtually centered, now more than ever, is TechTalk so impactful. The older generation of people didn't grow up with the tech knowledge/experience as the current generation, putting them at a disadvantage during these times. Well, Tech Talk is here to help! 

Check out the full site here by clicking the TechTalk link here: TechTalk

Check out the Kode With Klossy website at the link below!

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