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Founder, Hanna Mofid, Receives SWENext STEM in Action Award!

I am so excited to announce that I have been awarded the SWENext STEM in Action Award 2020! I am so grateful and honored to be chosen, and appreciate SWE for recognizing me! CodeHERS has made it a priority to uphold its overall mission to inspire and EMPOWER girls to pursue a career in STEM, even in the state of the world today. Through more virtual workshops, CodeHERS has been able to not only incite change in the local community, but also reach other people, living in other parts of the world! I am proud to say that in this past year, CodeHERS has been able to host various different workshops like HTML Website Building and Raspberry Pi Workshops along with hosting an amazing Speaker Panel featuring female Stanford Engineering students with experience at companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft! (Much more is coming, so stay tuned!)

Creating CodeHERS has truly added to my overall purpose as a woman in STEM and honestly, shown me just how powerful women supporting women in STEM is! Actively bringing awareness to the gender gap while simultaneously educating other girls about the STEM field and all the possibilities/opportunities that come from STEM has been an amazing experience! As the tech industry grows in power and the virtual aspect of life becomes more prevalent, now, more than ever, is CodeHERS needed. With the help of CodeHERS and other female STEM empowerment movements, soon, engineering won't be known as the 'male dominated field', and women will be more encouraged to be apart of STEM fields --- using their drive and passion to create new technologies, solve the world's biggest problems, and uphold this new era of growth/flourishing for woman in STEM! Again, I am honored to be receiving this award and keep up with CodeHERS because we have some major things planned!

"The STEM in Action Award recognizes girls in 6th through 12th grades who are actively interested in STEM and doing something about it, such as participating in a SWENext Club, mentoring students, or raising awareness of STEM."

Above you can see my name (Hanna) and a quick description about my work in the STEM field on the SWENext Awards 2020 page! You can check out the SWENext Awards 2020 page by clicking the link here:

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